EXCLUSIVE: Stamp of approval from FIAPF puts Black Nights on a list with Cannes and Berlin.

Black Nights Tallinn

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is to be accredited as a non-specialized competitive festival from 2014 as confirmed by FIAPF (The International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations).

Black Nights Film Festival is the 15th international film festival to be inducted to that category by FIAPF and will result in the expansion of the so far specialized EurAsia competition programme to filmmakers from all around the world.

According to FIAPF’s regulations the Black Nights FF will be joining FIAPF accredited world leading film events with international competition programmes such as Cannes, Warsaw, Berlinale, Karlovy Vary, Venice, Tokyo, San Sebastian, Moscow and others.

The change in festival accreditation will authorize the Black Nights FF to widen the geographical reach of its international competition programme and include feature films from all over the world effective from the 2014 edition (Nov 14-30).

Entries will come with the requirement of regional (Baltic) premiere

Benoît Ginisty, Director general of FIAPF, said the move will “offer new opportunities for films and will support Black Nights FF’s ambitions without creating unnecessary competition within the international film festivals’ community. “

Tiina Lokk, founder and director of Black Nights FF, said: “There are around 4,000 film festivals held annually. While 51 of them are accredited by FIAPF, only 14 have been authorized by FIAPF to hold a non-specialized international competition.

“Thus on the behalf of the festival management and the team, I am deeply moved by the recognition that some 18 years of hard work by the Black Nights’ team have resulted not only in becoming the most influential festival in North-East European Union but also one of the FIAPF accredited non-specialized competitive festivals.

“The inclusion of Black Nights in the non-specialized category not only remarkably widens our possibilities for programming outreach, but also sets us face to face with an obligation and responsibility towards filmmakers and the industry to match the high standards with the other 14 member festivals with long history in that category such as Cannes, Berlinale or Venice but also Karlovy Vary, Warsaw, and San Sebastian to name a few”.

Established 18 years ago from a Nordic film week, the Black Nights Film Festival became FIAPF accredited specialized competitive festival in 2008, which further expanded the festival’s international outreach.

“Our focus has always been to organize a film festival that showcases films with high artistic quality and with strong author’s voice, and that’s why the film industry has appreciated our efforts over the years,” added Lokk.

“Our aim has and will not be to be driven by glamour and bringing A-list stars to Tallinn. However, the new classification and immensely positive impact on the image of the festival opens up new opportunities for our international partners and filmmakers, but also brings along an equally immense obligations to serve our audiences and the regional filmmakers and film industry alike,” adds Lokk.

FIAPF’s new classification sets the Black Nights with a responsibility to provide competition opportunities for previously excluded territories such as Latin America, Africa, Middle East, as well as Australia, and countries with less developed film industries.

Additionally the Black Nights will also serve as an international gateway to the region through its Industry@Tallinn platform, a meeting point for professionals in North Eastern Europe.

In 2013 Black Nights Film Festival screened 220 full-length feature films and 250 short films. A total of 77,600 people attended the festival. The biggest festival in North East Europe invites film fans to the cinema again from 14th to 30th November 2014.