The announced changes come as Telefilm aims to increase diversity among Canadian productions.

Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada has expanded the eligibility criteria for its Development Programme to support its objective of achieving a representative and diversified feature film portfolio by 2020. 

The new updates to the programme in 2017 include additional funding for women-led projects, support for emerging talent, as well as a new partnership with Creative BC.

Women have now been identified as a targeted group for the programme. Production companies submitting women-led projects will now have access to additional development funds. 

Telefilm Canada has also expanded eligibility to production companies that have already produced a film under the micro-budget production programme and to creators who have already produced a theatrically released documentary.

New support is being offered for creators from British Columbia due to a joint initiative with Creative BC. Production companies from the province receiving less than $30,000 in funding from Telefilm Canada may receive top-up funds from Creative BC to reach $30,000 in total funding.

The application process will begin on July 4 through Telefilm’s new application management platform called Dialogue.

“The Development Programme is a crucial first step to achieving a diversified slate of Canadian productions that reflects the Canadian population, ” Carolle Brabant, executive director of Telefilm Canada, said.

“The changes we’ve made to the programme this year are consistent with our corporate priorities, namely greater support for emerging talent, documentarians, and women, with a continued focus on Indigenous and official language minority communities. Our goal is that our financing portfolio is varied, representative, and diverse in every respect.”