The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) has announced its Nextindustry stream. From October 2-12, the Industry Hub will host a multi-experiential environment for content creators from all platforms. 

Conferences, events and experiences will present the latest in creative industry innovation. Next promotes British Columbia as a central hub for quality media production and development. It provides a vehicle for exchanging ideas between industry professionals from all sectors as they utilise new technology for content creation. In order to boost local creative economies in BC, VIFF is partnering with Creative BC to present the Next programming stream.

The Next stream will feature the following events, talks and sessions: VIFF AMP, October 2-3, highlighting the relationship between film and music in today’s industry landscape; The Buffer Festival, October 9, a showcase of digital content; The Industry Exchange, October 5, exploring the evolution of digital entertainment through keynote speakers and expert panels; 

In addition, the festival will feature the Virtual Reality at VIFF on October 6, which presents new mediums of VR and AR to attendees with insights provided by renown futurists; The Sustainable Production Forum, October 4, focusing on Action Now and how to advance sustainability in the industry; and Totally Indie Day, October 7, in which experienced industry professionals talk about what it takes to advance in the industry.

Jacqueline Dupuis, executive director of VIFF, said: “Collectively, our job is to watch the horizon; to foresee, predict and celebrate what is coming Next and bring it to Vancouver. This year’s Industry Hub crosses sectors and brings together top level talent from New York, LA, Toronto and Vancouver to explore what is Next and what Vancouver’s role is going to be in advancing it.” 

Prem Gill, CEO of Creative BC, said: “BC creators and creative entrepreneurs have a history of innovation in the screen based industries. With rapid convergence across all creative industries, and their relevant skill sets, platforms and technologies, it’s exciting and necessary to bring the people behind it all together, because that’s how we’ll define what happens Next!”