EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles-based sales company inks supply deal with Cinedigm.

Andre Relis’ Los Angeles-based sales company VMI Worldwide, here selling Sundance selection Hellion, continues to push into production and has struck a supply deal with Cinedigm.

The arrangement calls for four or five films a year and will include Opposite Sex and War Pigs, which Ryan Little is set to start shooting in Michigan in autumn.

VMI Worldwide will produce and pre-sell the titles and Cinedigm will handle US distribution.

“We’re really pushing into production, whereas two or three years ago we were not doing it at all and no it’s a big part of out business,” said Relis. “Sales remains very much a core part of our business, but this is an exciting development.”

Relis, a former partner at Vision Films, left that company in 2010 to form VMI Worldwide, which at the time had a focus on music and film assets.

In the first year he reconfigured the Dolph Lundgren action title Blood Of Redemption and went on to sell it out.

Success on that film led to larger sales. “Once we were able to show the buyers we could do it, it increased our brand,” said Relis.

“Suddenly projects were being thrown at us like the $15m Gallowwalkers with Wesley Snipes and Wicked Blood starring Sean Bean, Abigail Breslin and James Purefoy.”