The curation-oriented streaming service also acquires 16 titles from Chicago-based distributor Olive Films.

Vyer Films has expanded into Canada.

As part of the expansion, the curation-oriented streaming service has acquired Zach Weintraub’s The International Sign for Choking [pictured], as well as 16 titles from Chicago-based distributor Olive Films.

These have been hand-selected by Vyer Films’ curators and come from the likes of Japan, Turkey and Germany, with the release marking the first time they will be available for streaming.

“From the early days of Vyer Films, it was important for us to reach Canadian audiences, and we’re very proud to be accomplishing that now,” commented Vyer Films’ CEO and founder K.C. McLeod.

“To work with a distributor as open-minded, forward-thinking, and devoted to films of quality as Olive Films is a true pleasure, and a relationship we look forward to continuing for a very long time.”

Vyer Films officially launched in Canada on May 15 and will continue to release new titles in the territory, as well as the US, every two weeks.