Conversations About Cinema will be run in partnership with Chapter Arts (Cardiff) and QFT (Belfast).

Bristol’s Watershed has unveiled a new cinema season.

Conversations About Cinema is a UK-wide project led by Watershed in partnership with Chapter Arts (Cardiff) and QFT (Belfast) that aims to open up debates and discussions through film.

For the next six months, Watershed will collaborate with partners across three Film Hub regions - Wales, Northern Ireland and the South West & West Midlands - as well as the wide BFI Film Audience Network to explore the theme of how film and film-makers address the impact of conflict.

Ben Roberts, director of the BFI Film Fund, commented: “Giving audiences around the UK the chance to see inspiring films and then enabling them to get involved in active discussion around the important universal themes being explored here with filmmakers and experts, is one of the exciting new opportunities being created by the BFI Film Audience Network and supported by the Lottery.”

“With conflicts continuing across the globe, the political resonance of film is becoming ever more significant as a mechanism for observation and reportage, a means to document, a medium for comment and protest, a tool for learning and understanding, and for opening up discussion and debate,” added Mark Cosgrove, cinema curator at Watershed, Bristol.

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