Wong Hoi’s Wong Tai Sin Assassination was presented with the HAF Award for a Hong Kong project at this year’s Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), while Our Apprenticeship from Japan’s Ryusuke Hamaguchi took the HAF Award for a non-Hong Kong project.

HAF Awards (HK Project)

Source: Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum

Wong Tai Sin Assassination (Hong Kong)

Each project received a cash prize of $19,200 (HK$150,000) in recognition of their originality and creativity.

This year, HAF added a WIP Documentary Award, for a documentary presented as a Work-in-Progress project, which went to Japan’s Odoriko. The award came with a cash prize of $10,000 (HK$78,000).

HAF showcased 42 projects in total, including 19 Work-in-Progress (WIP) projects. In total, the financing forum handed out 18 awards worth a combined $270,000 ($2.1m) in cash and value-in-kind (see full list below). 

“Thanks to the generous support from our partners, sponsors and fellow filmmakers, both the number and total value of this year’s awards have set new records, affording more resources and opportunities for filmmakers to realise their dreams,” said HAF director Jacob Wong.


HAF Awards [Create HK, HAF, HKFDC]

Wong Tai Sin Assassination (Hong Kong)

Our Apprenticeship (Japan)

WIP Documentary Award [Create HK, HAF, HKFDC]

Odoriko (Japan)

HAF Goes to Cannes [HAF and Marché du Film]

Odoriko (Japan), To Live To Sing (China), SUK SUK (Hong Kong), Invitation (India) and Marygoround (Poland)

Heaven Pictures Young Director Award

Solitary Kills (Hong Kong)

mm2 Award

Wong Tai Sin Assassination (Hong Kong)

Wanda Elite+ Plan Award

A Story Of HERS (China)

Artention-Vanke Film Award

Who Is Sleeping On My Pillow? (China)


Zalava (Iran)

Wouter Barendrecht Award

Belonging (Bangladesh)

Wutianming Post-Production Award

The River In Me (China)

White Light Post-Production Award

Circa (The Philippines) from HAF

The Shepherdess And The Seven Songs (India) from WIP

G2D Post Production Award

Belonging (Bangladesh) from HAF

On High Ice (Israel and South Korea) from WIP

Cinerent Award

The Priest In The Village (China)

Udine Focus Asia Award

The Grandstand (The Philippines)

Network of Asian Fantastic Films Award

Wong Tai Sin Assassination (Hong Kong)