The Danish Film Institute has announced that Henrik Bo Nielsen will take over as the new CEO of the instutute, as Henning Camre steps down from the post in June.

Camre had strengthened the Danish industry's profile internationally, as well as backing local hits, in his decade at the job.

Nielsen previously served as CEO at small but respected left-wing daily newspaper, Information, which he managed for 15 years.

'They chose me because of my solid experience of being a manager in a creative environment,' he said. 'I never have liked CEOs showing up first day at work with ready-made visions from their own thinking. When we need to make adjustments of the Film Institute's visions they will be made in cooperation with the people working there.'

The government has guaranteed support from 2007 to 2010 with an annualbudget of Euros 67m, usually backing about 25 features per year.

The move to appoint someone from outside the film community came as asurprise to some. 'Zentropa co-owner and producer Peter Aalbaek Jensencommented to Berlingske Tidende: 'The reason for picking someoneoutside the business must be to shake us all up a bit.'