Norway 's leading production house, Oslo-based Paradox Film, has tied up closely with Scanbox Entertainment, after the pan-Scandinavian distributor has purchased a stake in parent company Paradox Holding.

The deal will extend the working relationship between Paradox and Scanbox, which have been associated since 2002, both in domestic distribution and in the release of Paradox product in the Nordic countries. Scanbox has launched such films as Erik Poppe's Hawaii . Oslo and Arild Frohlich's Pitbullterje.

The acquisition is in line with Scanbox philosophy to focus more on local films and support Nordic talent, says Scanbox owner, Icelandic, LA-based producer Joni Sighvatsson. 'We feel lucky to work with filmmakers who are local market leaders, and who can reach beyond that market given the right resources.'

'The collaboration gives us the financial muscle to tackle larger projects,' added Paradox producer Stein B Kvae, who will remain in the company's management group with producer Finn Gjerdrum - credited for 17 features - and producer/director Poppe.

Paradox is currently developing a slate of six features and two children's film franchises, including Poppe's $3.3m (Euros 2.6m) The Unseen and Annette Sjursen's $3.8m (Euros 2.8m) Pax, to be co-produced by Scanbox Norwegian ceo Jim Frazee and Mads Peter Ole Olsen.

The concluding part of his Oslo trilogy, after Schpaaa (1998) and Hawaii . Oslo (2004), The Invisible will be readied for early 2008.

Scripted with Harald Rosenløw-Eeg, the film about 'the big questions in life' interweaves the stories of a woman losing her child and a man who becomes a murderer.

In Pax - penned with Lars Saabye Christensen, who supplied the story for her feature debut, My Jealous Barber - Sjursen follows seven passengers in a Copenhagen-Oslo flight on crash course, as one of the engines explodes. The film will be domestically premiered during winter 2008-2009.