As she steps down today from her position as managing director of the Norwegian Film Institute, Vigdis Lian is being honoured tonight (Tuesday Feb 12) with a farewell reception in Berlin on her last working day.

Her departure from the Institute follows from the decision to merge The Norwegian Film Fund, The Norwegian Film Institute and the Norwegian Film Development Agency into one institution as of April 1.

'What I have enjoyed is to see a growing self-confidence in the Norwegian film industry,' Lian commented of her seven year stint as M-D of the Institute. 'No longer are we seen as the kid brother of Scandinavian cinema. That is good for the film family and good for Norway.'

Lian has been active in mapping out new film policy in Norway. She has also made an attempt to bring more women into the industry.

She was first employed by the National Film Board Of Norway from 1979 on and by the Norwegian Film Institute from 1997 on, at first as Department Director in the Museum department, and from 2001 as the Managing Director of the Institute. During a distinguished career, she has held positions in FIAF, ECFA, Scandinavian Films, the European Film College in Ebeltoft, has been acting Director of The Norwegian Film Development Agency, and is a board member at Lillehammer University College and the Norwegian UNESCO Commission. In her time at the NFI, she has presided over a sharp rise in Norwegian film exports. According to research from PricewaterhouseCoopers published last December, export revenues of Norwegian films have almost tripled since 2002.

Lian's future plans are yet to be confirmed but she is expected to stay in the industry.