A total of 36 projectshave been accepted into No Borders, the international co-production section ofthe IFP Market that will run from Sept 27-Oct 4 in downtown Manhattan. In additionto the 13 previously-announced international entrants, No Borders will includenew works from US indie veterans Jay Craven and Barbara Hammer, the firstdocumentary feature from Alison Maclean, the directorial debut of Hollywoodscreenwriter Malia Scotch-Marmo, as well as projects from producers-on-the-riseJasmine Kosovic and Matthew Greenfield.

Since 1995, No Bordershas been linking experienced producers with US and international distributuros,TV buyers, investors, and agents. It is one of the four principal sections ofthe now revamped IFP Market, including Emerging Narrative, Spotlight onDocumentaries, and the Film Conference & Expo, and is the only sectionexclusively dedicated to presenting projects in development by establishednarrative and documentary producers.

The internationalentrants, among them the latest films from directors Stefan Schwartz,Carine Adler and Tim McCann, no to mention the Sally Hibbin-produced BlindFlight starring Joseph Fiennes, wereall first made public on June 30 (see ScreenDaily)

Among the US highlightsof No Borders is a project from acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter MaliaScotch-Marmo (Steven Spielberg's Hook and Lasse Hallström's Once Around). She makes her first industry bow as a directorwith Glamour Of Evil: A Love Story,a project she wrote and is producing with husband Stephen Scotch-Marmo.

Vermont's own indie filmcottage industry Jay Craven will present his fifth feature, Disappearances, starring Kris Kristofferson and shot byauteur-favorite Fred Elmes (Night On Earth, The Ice Storm, BlueVelvet). Craven's previousfilms (Where The Rivers Flow North,A Stranger In The Kingdom) haveplayed 242 US theatrical cities and across 43 countries.

Through No Borders'ongoing relationship with The Sundance Institute, two projects from the recentScreenwriters Lab will be presented: Michael Kang's The Motel with producers Miguel Arteta and Matthew Greenfield(The Good Girl, Chuck &Buck) attached and Doug Sadler's Swimmers, a follow-up to his debut feature, Riders, which was presented during the 2001 IFP Market.

Also of interest are GregEliason's Imperial Valley whichwill be presented by Laurie Hansen (producer of Thirteen Conversations AboutOne Thing) and Cecily Rhett's TheLow River which will be presented byJasmine Kosovic (producer of The Adventures of Sebastian Cole). Both of these projects participated in IFP/LosAngeles' Director's Lab.

Of the documentaryprojects in No Borders, 58% have yet to complete principal photography.Additionally, for the first time, two documentary treatments have beenaccepted. They are Lawrence Hott's latest The Rio Grande Border from Florentine Films, his production company withKen Burns; and the first documentary feature from indie feature director AlisonMaclean (Jesus' Son, Crush) called Yes, a film about Rem Koolhaas - writer, urban planner, cultural theorist,and teacher - that is executive produced by Hengameh Panahi, chief ofParis-based foreign sales agency Celluloid Dreams.

Barbara Hammer, theseminal filmmaker of lesbian and gay history with more than 80 films and videosto her credit, takes on global issues with Resisting Paradise. In this film, Hammer examines the French Resistanceand asks the question: "How can art exist during a time of politicalcrisis'"

Esther Robinson's TheDanny Williams Story chronicles themysterious 1966 disappearance of her uncle, Danny Williams, who also happenedto be Andy Warhol's co-filmmaker, light show designer, and lover.

Returning IFP Marketalumni with new documentaries include Paul Devlin (SLAMNATION), Thomas Allen Harris (That's My Face/E MinhaCara) and Ellen Weissbrod (ListenUp: The Lives of Quincy Jones).Legendary documentarian Albert Maysles also returns, this time as thecinematographer on Amy Grappell's Soviet Meditation, executive produced by indie stalwart Gill Holland.

Produced by IFP/New York,No Borders is a collaborative effort that brings together producers affiliatedwith established funding bodies (U.K.-based Film Council, the German fund theFilmstiftung Nordhrhein-Westfalen, and Telefilm Canada) and support organizations(Ateliers du Cinema Europeen/ACE, CineMart, The Sundance Institute, andWallonie Bruxelles Images).

The full list of NoBorders entrants, including projects originated from both US and internationalsources, is as follows:


A Way of Life
Producer: Peter Edwards
Writer: Amma Asante

Adult Behaviour
Director: Christopher Payne
Producer: Gavin Emerson
Writer: Christopher Payne

Blind Flight
Director: John Furse
Producer: Sally Hibbin
Writers: John Furse, Brian Keenan
Principal Cast: Joseph Fiennes

The Boy
Director: Pierre Gang
Producer: Kevin Tierney
Writer: Pierre Gang

The Buffalo Boys
Director: Minh Nguyen-Vo
Producers: Olivier Dubois, Jean Brehat
Executive Producer: Dung Tran
Writer: Minh Nguyen-Vo

Changing Directions
Director: Maria Essèn
Producer: Staffan Tollgard
Writer: Maria Essèn

The Death And TheDevil
Producers: Ralph Schwingel, StefanSchubert
Writer: Karin Howard

Director: Jay Craven
Producer: Jay Craven
Executive Producer: Matt Salinger
Director of Photography: Frederick Elmes
Principal Cast: Kris Kristofferson

Finding Out
Director: Carine Adler
Producers: Bertrand Faivre, Kate Ogborn
Writers: Carine Adler, Julie Rutterford

The Glamour Of Evil: ALove Story
Director: Malia Scotch-Marmo
Producers: MaliaScotch-Marmo, Stephen Scotch-Marmo
Writer: Malia Scotch-Marmo

Director: Stefan Schwartz
Producer: Richard Holmes
Writers: Stefan Schwartz, Richard Holmes, William Brookefield

Homeland Of The Soul
Director: Stefan C. Schaefer
Producer: Katrin Schloesser
Writer: Stefan C. Schaefer

Horse Man
Director: Fernando Spiner
Producers: Hugues Desmichelle, Claire Jeanteur
Executive Producer: Hugues Desmichelle
Writer: Isabelle Brocard
Director of Photography: Ricardo Aronovitch

Imperial Valley
Director: Greg Eliason
Producer: Laurie Hansen
Writer: Greg Eliason
Director of Photography: Rodney Taylor

The Low River
Director: Cecily Rhett
Producer: Jasmine Kosovic
Executive Producer: JanetYang
Writer: Cecily Rhett

The Motel
Director: Michael Kang
Producer: Matthew Greenfield, Miguel Arteta
Writer: Michael Kang

School (L'Ecole)
Director: Lucile Hadzihalilovic
Producer: Patrick Sobelman
Writer: LucileHadzihalilovic

The Shadow Man
Director: Tim McCann
Producer: Michael Risley
Writer: Daniel Noah
Director of Photography: Tim McCann

Director: Douglas Sadler
Producer: Melanie Backer
Writer: Douglas Sadler

The Syrian Bride
Producers: Eran Riklis, BettinaBrokemper
Writers: Eran Riklis, Suha Arraf

The Treatment
Director: Oren Rudavsky
Writer: Daniel Housman

Underground Man
Director: Joshua Dorsey
Producers: Luc Dery, Joshua Dorsey
Writer: Joshua Dorsey

Wagner's Will
Director: Martin Barry
Producer: Suzanne Girard
Writer: Martin Barry


Alfredo's Fire
Director: Andy Abrahams Wilson
Producer: Andy Abrahams Wilson
Writer: Alfredo Ormando

Artemisia 2002
Director: Ellen Weissbrod
Producers: Melissa Powell, Ellen Weissbrod
Director of Photography:Ellen Weissbrod

Click Me :)
Director: Wolfgang Hastert
Producer: Wolfgang Hastert
Writer: Wolfgang Hastert
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Hastert

Director: Rena Mundo
Director of Photography: Michael Steed

The Danny WilliamsStory
Director: Esther Robinson
Director of Photography: Adam Cohen

Funk, It's Alive
Director: Isabelle Abric
Producer: Isabelle Abric

My Flesh And Blood
Director: Jonathan Karsh
Producer: Jennifer Chaiken

Power Trip
Director : Paul Devlin
Producer: Paul Devlin

Resisting Paradise
Director: Barbara Hammer
Producer: Barbara Hammer
Executive Producer: Barbara Hammer
Writer: Barbara Hammer
Director of Photography: Barbara Hammer

The Rio Grande Border
Director: Lawrence Hott
Producers: Lawrence Hott, Diane Garey
Executive Producers: Len Materman, Tyrus Fain
Writer: Ken Chowder
Director of Photography: Allen Moore

Soviet Meditation
Director: Amy Grappell
Producers: Amy Grappell, Kyle Henry
Executive Producer: Gill Holland
Director of Photography: Albert Maysles

The Twelve Disciplesof Nelson Mandela
Director: Thomas Allen Harris
Producer: Thomas Allen Harris
Director of Photography: Bobby Shepard

Director: Alison Maclean
Producers: Gavin Emerson, Petra Goeding
Executive Producer: Hengameh Panahi