Director, Star Of Tomorrow 2009.

Bathurst began his career in editing and worked his way up through commercials, promos and then into TV. His work on two recent high-profile BBC TV series, Five Days and last year’s Bafta-winning Criminal Justice, has catapulted him onto the A-list. He is now attached to a number of projects which he describes as “commercial but with a real soul”. Top of the list is Snapshot, a high-concept conspiracy thriller exploring greed, power and moral will, written by Matt Charman and produced by Origin Pictures.

Bathurst is also set to direct I Wish, I Wish, written by Peter Souter and starring David Tennant for Hartswood Films, teen drama Summertime Blues for the Wolf Committee, and boxing drama Bunny And George, which has UK Film Council funding. He is also adapting Alessandro Baricco’s novel City.
Bathurst is now shooting a film for BBC TV about ballerina Margot Fonteyn, starring Anne-Marie Duff.

Contact: United Agents,(44) 20 3214 0800