The fifth annual Paris Cinema event will take place from July 3-14.

Less a festival than a happening which is open to the public, the event does include an international competition and has upped its profile over the past several years.

For the 2007 edition, 13 feature films will vie in the main section (see list below) while 17 shorts will also compete.

Each night of Paris Cinema will see a film premiere in any of various movie houses around the city.

Those titles include several from this year's Cannes Film Festival like Palme d'Or winner 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days by Cristian Mungiu, Actresses by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Alexandra by Alexander Sokourov, Fatih Akin's The Edge Of Heaven , Lenny Abrahamson's Garage and non-Cannes films Johnnie To's Exiles , Tuya's Wedding by Wang Quan'an, Julie Delpy's Two Days In Paris and Pixar's Ratatouille .

Restored films including Vittorio De Sica's The Garden Of The Finzi-Contini and Sidney Lumet's The Offense will also screen. Ticket prices for the public are set at Euros 4 for all showings of any Paris Cinema film while a CinePass can be purchased for Euros 20.

Guests of honor include Sandrine Bonnaire, Christopher Doyle, Francesco Rossi and Robin Wright Penn. Several open-air screenings will be organized during the fortnight with both the opening and closing night celebrations open to the public. Compilation film Paris Je T'Aime will open the festival on a giant screen near the Eiffel Tower on July 3.

Finally, masterclasses, round tables and discussions will be held all throughout the two weeks and over a three-day period, international producers and directors seeking to complete financing on a particular project will meet with potential French partners.


Angling by Adrian Sitaru (Romania) 2007, 1st film

Armin by Ognjen Svilicic (Croatia) 2006, 2nd film

The Cats Of Mirikitani by Linda Hattendorf (US) 2006, doc, 1st film

Cowboy Angels by Kim Massee (France) 2006, 1st film

Desert Dream by Zhang Lu (China/Korea) 2007

Falkenberg Farewell by Jesper Ganslandt (Sweden) 2006, 1st film

Familia Tortuga by Ruben Imaz Castro (Mexico) 2006, 1st film

It Happened Just Before by Anja Salomonowitz (Austria) 2006, 1st film

Mukhsin by Yasmin Ahmad (Malaysia) 2006

Jellyfish by Celine Sciamma (France) 2007, 1st film

Potosi, Le Temps Du Voyage by Ron Havilio (Israel) 2006, doc

Shotgun Stories by Jeff Nichols (US) 2006, 1st film

This Is England by Shane Meadows (UK) 2006