Festival dedicated to Spanish and Latin American films.

The Pelayos, a thriller about the real case of a family who made millions playing in casinos worldwide, will be the opening film of the next Malaga Film Festival (April 20-28).

Directed by Eduard Cortés, the film stars Daniel Brühl, Lluís Homar and Blanca Suárez.

Malaga, a festival dedicated exclusively to Spanish films with a section for Latino American features, will also screen Miel de naranjas, the new film by well-known Spanish director Imanol Uribe. Miel de naranjas tells the story of a soldier during the Franco dictatorship who begins to see the true face of the regime. Angela Molina, Eduard Fernández and again Blanca Suárez lead the cast.

Other titles selected to screen include El sexo de los ángeles, a love and friendship story placed in the world of funk music clubs. Patricia Ferreira, with The Impatient Alchemist, will be present with Els nens salvatges, a story about three teenagers who look for their place in the world.

Another title will be O Apostolo, the first animated film in the Official Section. The film is set in the popular route of Santiago and has voices from Geraldine Chaplin and Jorge Sanz.

Last year, the festival’s film market, Malaga Screenings, was cancelled due to budget cuts. This year it could return but there is on confirmation yet.