The young people's jury at the International Film Festival Rotterdam has given its MovieSquad award to Persepolis.

The five jurors, aged 16 to 19, selected Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud's animated project as the best of the 22 festival films they viewed.

The prize means that Persepolis will get Dutch distrubtion through the MovieZone educational programme for young people (part of the Dutch Institute For Film Eduction with the IFFR) and Euros 2,000 towards promotion to young Dutch people.

Thejury said: 'Persepolis has not been drawn in a realistic way. Yetthisanimated film has touched us deeply. The script was very wellconstructed. In afilm about a girl in Iran in which political developments play such animportant role, it is obvious to think of serious themes as supressionby politicalor military leaders, corruption and poverty. All of these themes areaddressed,but this film goes further. The heavier themes are relieved by a gooddose ofhumour.'