Healthy box office figures reveal 10 percent growth in Slovenia

Box office figures for 2006 show Slovenia is the most gratifying territory in the region in terms of revenues. With a population of two million, 96 active screens, low piracy levels and the fact that it is the only country of the former Yugoslavia that is a member of the EU, it is by far the best developed market. Average ticket price is $5.50, compared to $4 in Croatia, $3.50 in Serbia and $3 in Bosnia.

In 2006, a total of 2,708,756 admissions were sold, which is 10% up from 2005's 2,456,402. In revenues, the difference is 12%: $12,410,661 (SIT 2,413,918,993) from 2005's $12,322,625 (SIT 2,156,459,305). Unlike other former Yugoslav territories, there is not a single local film, nor a non-English-speaking one for that matter, in the top 10 of 2006.

Like most international territories, the 2006 Slovenian chart is topped by Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which saw 138,835 admissions and took $0.73m. In second place was Da Vinci Code (137, 662; $0.72m), followed by Borat (still screening but currently at 101,317 admissions, $0.5m), Ice Age 2 (104,982; $0.5m) and Garfield 2 (98,933, $0.48m).