Polish multiplex operator Multikino is planning to open 10 cinemas in Ukraine in the next five years. The first of these, in Lviv, will open at the end of 2009.

The company further plans to open four additional multiplexes in Poland by the end of 2009.

Wojciech Kostrzewa, CEO of International Trading and Investments Holdings SA Luxembourg (ITI), Multikino's lead shareholder, told the Polish Press Agency, that opening a multiplex in Ukraine costs $8.6m- $10.5m (PLN 18m-22m).

Kostrzewa said the company plans to purchase digital projectors for each cinema, and priced the projector at $239,000 (PLN 500,000) each.

Multikino recently acquired rival exhibitor Silver Screen and is mulling plans to go public in the second half of next year to finance its plans.

Multikino currently has 19 multiplexes across Poland, offering 174 screens and nearly 40,000 seats.