Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix consolidated its gains from last weekend's memorable launch and seized an estimated $100.8m to cross $350m overseas after less than two weeks.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) fifth entry in the children's fantasy series drew approximately 14m admissions from 13,000 prints in 58 territories that saw the cumulative gross rise to $351.3m. The worldwide tally stands at more than $558m.

The weekend result includes $1.2m from 35 IMAX prints that elevated the large screen format's tally to $4m.

Order Of The Phoenix' performance was driven by an $18.6m (¥2.3bn) number one debut in Japan on 951 prints that registered a new franchise record launch and incorporated the industry's biggest three-day preview result of $9.5m (¥1.2bn).

Order Of The Phoenix scored Warner Bros' biggest opening day in Russia on Thursday and finished the weekend as the top film on $7m (Rbl 200m) in what was another franchise weekend launch record.

The film generated a franchise record and the fourth biggest industry weekend launch in Israel on $655,000 (NIS 2.8m) from 33 prints.

In second weekend holds in Europe, Harry and friends fell 46% in the UK on $14.2m (£7m) from 1,390 prints for $61.1m (£30.2m), tumbled 43% in Germany on $9m (Eu6.5m) from 1,345 for $33.9m (Eu24.8m), and fell 48% in France on $8.6m (Eu6.3m) from 1,060 for $28.9m (Eu21.2m).

All were number one holds, as were second weekend grosses in Italy and Spain. The film fell 54% in Italy on $2.7m (Eu1.9m) from 838 prints for a superb $18.4m (Eu13.5m), and dropped 54% in Spain on $3m (Eu2.2m) from 602 for $17m (Eu12.4m).

In the Asia/Pacific region Order Of The Phoenix tumbled 61% in Australia and held on to number one on $4.4m (A$5.1m) from 500 for $22m (A$25.5m), and fell 67% in South Korea where it ranked number two behind Die Hard 4.0 on $2.9m (KRW 2.7bn) for $18.7m (KRW 17.2bn).

In Latin America, WBPI's film ranked number two in Mexico behind Transformers and fell 60% on $3.2m (Ps 34.5m) from 1,039 prints for $18.2m (Ps 195.8m), however it stayed top in Brazil after dropping a slight 38% on $2.5m (R$4.7m) from 725 for $11.9m (R$22.6m).

Ocean's Thirteen grossed $2.8m from more than 1,100 prints in 53 territories for $154.8m.

DreamWorks/Paramount' Transformers is bearing down on $200m through PPI after $34m from 4,315 sites in 42 territories raised the tally to $192m.

Business was boosted by a number one $5.5m debut in Mexico on 413 screens that produced another career high for director Michael Bay.

Of the other nine releases, the film produced a new Bay record in Brazil on $2.7m from 327 screens, and opened number one in a handful of Latin American markets.

Results were as follows: $1m from 100 sites in Argentina; $892,000 from 88 in Colombia; $839,000 from 39 screens in Chile; $800,000 from 14 sites in Panama; $582,000 from 133 sites in Peru; and $495,000 from 60 sites in Venezuela. All generated new opening records for Bay except Argentina.

Transformers also opened top in South Africa on $382,000 from 102 venues.

Shrek The Third is still going strong, and added $10.6m from 4,544 screens in 54 territories for $381.4m.

Fox International's Die Hard 4.0 added $23m from 5,500 screens in 51 markets for $155.7m, buoyed by a $10.9m (10.1bn KRW) number one debut in South Korea from 549 screens.

The result translated into Fox's biggest opening weekend, following on from the distributor's $3.1m (2.9bn KRW) opening day record on Jul 18, which was also the industry's fourth biggest opening day. Executives believe the launch will set a company record opening week and will confirm results this week.

Die Hard 4.0 opened in Taiwan in second place on $1.3m from 192 screens. In third weekend holdovers, the Bruce Willis romp ranked fourth in the UK after adding $2.1m from 454 for $22.5m, and second in France after grossing $1.8m from 734 for $13.2m.

Fourth weekend holdovers generated $1.7m from 552 for $24.2m and a third place ranking in the film's biggest current market of Japan, as well as $1.2m from 785 in Germany for $19.1m and second place.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer added $1.5m from 2,200 screens in 34 markets for an international cumulative tally of $107.8m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) Ratatouille added $3.4m from 1,972 theatres in 14 territories for $37.2m. It opens in South Korea on Jul 27 followed by Japan a day later.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End is expected to become the industry's fourth biggest international release by next weekend as $1.8m from 3,587 screens in 45 territories raised the overseas tally to $639.4m. It is now $1.7m behind the final international gross of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in fourth place.

Universal/UPI's comedy Knocked Up grossed $1.8m from 270 sites in two territories for $9.3m. It launched in New Zealand in third place on $285,000 from 46 venues, and added $1.5m from 224 sites in the third weekend in Australia for $9m.

Hot Fuzz stands at $54.4m, while Evan Almighty has taken $4.6m from the early stages of release and is yet to open in 50 territories. Mr Bean's Holiday has amassed $185.7m and goes out in China on Jul 27.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's thriller Vacancy added $720,000 from 510 screens in 11 markets for $5.3m. It opened in seventh place in Germany on $265,000 including previews from 150 screens, and opened third in Italy on $180,000 from 150 screens as well.