UK-based film financier, Premiere Picture,  has announced the the creation of joint venture Premiere Stealth Rights with the London and LA based Stealth Media Group.

Premiere Stealth Rights has been formed to take advantage of distribution rights. The company’s aim is to build assets and trade in licensing of them across the G7. PSR will look to set up alliances with distributors and can also co-buy with other partners.
PSR is at present a small equity fund of around £5M for rights acquisitions and licensing, which expects to double in the next quarter.

Stealth will be representing Premiere Pictures film equity funds, Media Pro, and Sovereign Funds, looking for equity investments in film and the discounting of tax credits and distribution agreements.

In recent years, Premiere Pictures has been involved in the financing of The Joneses, The Ward, Dreamer, Death Sentence andPerrier’s Bounty.