The film could be his most controversial to date, about a woman who discovers her eroticism.

While his sci fi/disaster film Melancholia seems heading for a slot in the official section at Cannes 2011, director Lars von Trier has started to think about what to do next.

And the film he is thinking of might very well be his most controversial to date. “I’m thinking of making a film about a woman’s erotic birth, a woman who discovers her eroticism. The working title is The Nymphomaniac,” von Trier told Screen.

“I had two titles that I put to my business partner Peter Aalbæk Jensen. One was The Nymphomaniac, the other was Dirt in Bedsores. I asked him which one he thought was the most commercial. He said that with a title like The Nymphomaniac, the film would already be financed.”

Von Trier emphasizes that if he makes the film, it will be a very serious one. He also realises that finding the right actress for the lead role will be quite a challenge given the subject matter. But he has a track record with that — Charlotte Gainsbourg’s brave performance in Anti-Christ won her the best actress award at Cannes 2009.