The Institute has awarded grants amounting to $400,000 for six non-fiction projects including The Tillman Story Interactive Edition and a broader experience based on Steve James’ The Interrupters.

The Institute’s partnership with Ford Foundation’s JustFilms initiative enables the TFI New Media Fund to support projects that transcend traditional screens and integrate film with content across newer media platforms.

“These awards reflect our shared commitment to digital storytelling, to experimentation, and to reaching new audiences in new ways,” director of JustFilms Orlando Bagwell said. “The TFI New Media winners are not only expanding the boundaries of narrative, they are finding new ways to advance public participation in learning, citizenship and free expression.”

The 2011 recipients are:

Jigar Mehta, Yasmin Elayat, Jon Else and Hugo Soskin for the collaborative, interactive Egyptian Revolution documentary project 18 Days Of Egypt (awarded $100,000);

Maren Grainger-Monsen, Nicole Newnham, Matt Berg, Emily Coven, Amlan Ganguly, Emily Ozner and Eric Rodenbeck for the multimedia project for change, Map Your World (awarded $75,000);

Steve James, Sonya Childress, Alex Kotlowitz, Lawrence Seals and Kounterattack Designs for an interactive series of stories surrounding the gang violence documentary The Interrupters (awarded $75,000);

Henrik Grunnet, Nagieb Khaja and Lise Linse-Moller for Afghan Lives (awarded $50,000), a collection of films shot by specially trained civilians on mobile phones with HD video;

FilmAid International for accounts of life by Somali refugees in Dadaab Stories (awarded $50,000); and

Amir Bar-Lev, Jennifer Bleyer, Ben Moskowitz and Ted Han for The Tillman Story Interactive Edition (awarded $50,000), a website build-out based on the friendly fire documentary.