Rai Trade has seen a flurry of interest in Ex, the new romantic comedy directed by Fausto Brizzi. The film is currently at the top of the domestic box office, grossing $6.1m (Euros 4.76m) off its first seven days in Italian cinemas.

During Berlin's EFM, Rai Trade sold Ex to Notro for Spain. Rai Trade CEO Carlo Nardello said: 'Notro is planning a release of 100 copies next summer, a sign that the Italian comedy is once again gaining appreciation beyond our borders.'

The film will also see release in France and Switzerland this spring in deals prior to the EFM.

Nardello also confirmed advanced negotiations for Ex with Germany,
Turkey, Korea, Australia, Austria and Latin America.

Screenwriter-turned-director Brizzi has become a reliable box office champion in Italy - where Ex is his third film as a director following Night Before Finals - Today and breakout Night Before Finals, which earned $16m and became the top-grossing Italian debut of all time.

Fulvio and Federica Lucisano produced Ex for I.I.F. (Italian International Film) with Rai Cinema. France's Paradis Film and Mes Films co-produce.

In other sales, Rai Trade sold Venice title Giovanna's Father by Pupi Avati to Vise for Latin America and Sagrera for Spain.

Additionally, Lap TV picked up Latin American TV rights to Matteo Rovere's debut feature A Girl's Game, about spoilt rich girls.