Ratatouille stayed atop the international box office chart for the third consecutive weekend thanks to an estimated $27.7m haul from 3,793 theatres in 33 territories that raised the running total to $308m.

The film ranked number one in 13 countries and the key driver was Italy, where the rat scored Pixar's biggest launch yet on $7m from 600 screens, grossing some 20% more than The Incredibles when that film debuted in late 2004.

The film stayed top in the UK in its second weekend on $6.5m from 502 for $18.7m and fell 28%, an understandable drop considering the alluring alternative for many UK viewers in the form of England's Rugby World Cup final match against South Africa on Saturday.

Ratatouille stayed top in Germany for the third consecutive weekend on $5.9m - which was roughly equal to the combined gross of the 14 films immediately below it in the charts - after a mere 9% drop that raised the tally to $28.7m.

It also held on to the number one berth for the third consecutive weekends in Switzerland and Austria on $860,000 from 98 for $6m and $740,000 from 130 for $3.8m, respectively.

Pixar waved its magic wand over Sweden and Poland, conjuring two more number one launches. Sweden generated $2.2m from 180 in the second biggest animated launch in industry history behind Finding Nemo, while Poland, a growing market, produced $903,000 from 120 for the second biggest Pixar launch.

The film scored an industry animated record debut in Finland on $590,000 from 65 screens, and climbed 26% through word of mouth in its third weekend in Denmark to gross $730,000 from 101 for a $3.9m running total.

The $308m international running total means that Ratatouille is now the third biggest Pixar release behind Finding Nemo and The Incredibles and Disney's fourth biggest animated release behind Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and The Incredibles.

It is the 10th Disney film to cross $300m, the industry's ninth biggest animated film, the sixth biggest non-sequel animated title, and the 48th biggest international release overall.

The $512.6m worldwide tally makes Ratatouille the industry's 51st biggest film in history, and Disney's 11th biggest.

The Game Plan, which stars The Rock as a bachelor NFL American football star who discovers he has an eight-year-old girl, stayed on top for the second weekend in a row in Mexico and added $1.3m from 400 screens for $3.8m.

The film has only opened in Mexico so far and rolls out in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in the first week of November.

Paramount's fantasy adventure Stardust benefited from a wide release this weekend and added $8.1m from 2,214 sites in 48 territories for $42m.

There were nine launches, including the UK where the film grossed $4m from 445 screens including previews of $553,000. Germany produced $1m from 341 locations and Austria generated $169,000 from 56.

DreamWorks-Paramount's comedy remake The Heartbreak Kid added $3.7m from 1,154 locations in nine territories for $19.3m. The highlights of the four small releases were the Netherlands on $344,000 from 63 sites and Belgium's $297,000 from 34.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) reported continued success with The Orphanage (El Orfanato), which stayed top in its second weekend through Warner Bros Spain on $5.6m (Eu4m) from 373 prints for $15.7m (Eu11m).

WBPI's revenge drama The Brave One, starring Jodie Foster and directed by Neil Jordan, added $2.4m from approximately 2,000 prints in 46 markets for an even $25m. In its second weekends, the film ranks fourth in Mexico on $1.4m (Ps 15.6m), and stands at $1.3m (AUD 1.5m) in Australia, and $1m (KRW 931,000) in South Korea.

The romance No Reservations added $892,000 from approximately 1,200 prints in 40 markets for $47.1m.

Resident Evil grossed $5.6m through all distributors, of which $2.8m came through Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) 1,390 screens in 15 markets. The tally stands at $48.2m through all distributors and $19.4m through SPRI.

Latest SPRI figures put the zombie romp on $3.6m in second place in the UK, $2.3m in Italy, $267,000 in Argentina in second place, and $1.9m in Australia in sixth place, all after two weekends, Resident Evil ranks second in Brazil on $3.1m after three, and sixth in Mexico on $6.9m after five.

The comedy Superbad notched up a further $4.6m from 1,900 screens in 28 markets for $32.2m. It opened in Spain in second place on $2.6m from 351 screens and in Brazil in second place on $545,000 from 187.

Superbad ranks 10th in Australia on $5.8m after five weekends, 14th in the UK on $12.7m after six, and after three weekends ranks 16th in Germany on $1.9m and 12th in Mexico on $1.1m.

Universal's The Kingdom added $3m from 1,530 sites in 22 territories through UPI for $16m.

Knocked Up added $2.8m from 1,060 locations in 31 territories for $61.8m and opened in 10 territories including Italy on $1m from 214 sites for third place and Portugal on $180,000 from 45 for first place.

The Bourne Ultimatum raised its tally by $2.7m from 1,360 locations in 40 territories to $183.3m. Latest figures put the UK on $46.8m, Australia on $17.7m, Germany and South Korea each on $14.5m, Spain on $13.3m, and France on $12.6m.

There are seven more territories to open including Italy on Nov.1, Japan on Nov 10 and China on Nov.15. The worldwide total stands at $409m.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry grossed $2.5m from 1,737 sites in 33 territories for $57.5m, Evan Almighty added $600,000 from 606 venues in 20 for $70.8m, and the Brazilian co-production Tropa De Elite stayed top in Brazil for the second consecutive weekend and added $1.5m from 250 venues for $6.3m after three weekends.

Atonement debuted in New Zealand in first place on $170,000 from 33 sites. Overall the family drama added $500,000 from 195 venues in four territories for $23.4m. The film will open around the world over the next several months.

Eastern Promises, which UPI is releasing in Spain and Japan, ranks seventh in its third weekend in Spain on $3.3m.

The legal thriller Michael Clayton starring George Clooney grossed $3.1m from 1,112 screens in nine Summit International markets for a $12.2m running total.

It opened in France, Australia and Mexico and was locked in a battle for the top spot in France after grossing $1.1m from 302 screens. It ranked second in Australia behind Death At A Funeral.

Fox International's family adventure The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising grossed $2.4m from 1,821 screens for a $6.5m running total.

Weekend business was distinguished by a $740,000 debut in Mexico on 350 screens, and a $432,000 launch in the UK on 377 that would appear to have fallen foul of the Rugby World Cup final. Spain generated $604,000 from 290 in the second weekend for $2.4m.

Executives reported that The Simpsons Movie, currently on more than $342m, has overtaken Titanic to become the biggest release of all time in Lithuania. The comedy has amassed approximately $911,000 or 23.2m Lithuanian Litas.