Fred and Richard Fairbrass, the musical duo best known as Right Said Fred, are attending the AFM to talk about their film plans.

The brothers are involved with three films at the moment. UK quirky comedy Meet Pursuit Delange is editing now for a summer 2015 release. The Fairbrass brothers have written two songs that appear in the film. Richard Fairbrass describes the feature as “quintessentially English.”

Howard Webster writes and directs and the film stars Jason Flemyng and Colin Salmon. The brothers appear on screen playing two guardian angels. “It’s a Kafka-esque scene,” Richard says.

They are also working on music for Roger Gual’s Barcelona Connection, which will shoot in spring/summer 2015 in Barcelona, London and Florida. Fred Fairbrass, who lives near Barcelona, calls that project “a funny detective story.” In that film, the brothers are likely to play a pair of animal-rights activists.

On a more serious note, they are also developing Refugee Camp Superstar, which will be inspired by true stories of kids who become singing sensations while living in refugee camps. The brothers are writing that treatment now and will then bring on a writer to complete the script. They plan to connect that film to a charity that works with refugee camps.

The pair also plan to attend Cannes to continue discussions on their film projects.

Their most famous song I’m Too Sexy has been used in hundreds of films, TV shows and commercials.