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    Kinepolis posts first quarter success


    European exhibition major Kinepolis Group reports admissionsof 6.1 million across its 20 sites in five European territories.The company has seen a 3.2% overall admissions improvementin the first quarter of 2006 over that of 2005 when 5.9 million tickets weresold.Following territory trends Kinepolis sites in France(+13.3%) and Poland (+19.7%) provided the ...

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    Box office makes sluggish start to 2006 in most territories


    Early first-quarter box office figures show little sign of a bounce-back in most territories - although local-language product has eased the pain. Nielsen EDI statistics show a marginal year-on-year dip in its first 12 weekly figures for North America (-2%), UK/Ireland (-8%), Spain (-2%) and Germany (-3%).France is proving the ...

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    Ireland cashes in on Walk The Line


    The UK/Ireland market hasproven a strong territory for Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, however, the true successhas come from Ireland. Walk TheLine has been nothing short of a phenomenon in Ireland. The biggest release of 2006 so far in the Republic Of Ireland, the film had grossed $2.95m (Euro ...

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    Papal biopic grosses more than $1m in Poland


    A biopic of Pope John Paul II has become a smash hit in Poland - the place of his birth - one month ahead of the firstanniversary of his death. The film, Pope John Paul II (Jan PawelII), opened top of the Polish chart last weekend (March 3-5) grossing over$1m ...

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    UK distributors spend more than $523m on P&A


    UK distributors spent more than $523m (£300m) on prints and advertising last year, according to figures released by the UK-based Film Distributors’ Association (FDA).The FDA Yearbook, using research from Nielsen Media Research, shows film prints and trailers in2005 cost UK distributors $221.5m, up 2% from 2004, while media advertising spend ...

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    Finnish films enjoying record admissions for 2006


    Figures released last weekby The Finnish Film Foundation. Local titles recorded 942,795 admissions duringJanuary and February, the best opening months of the year ever in Finland forlocal product, and have already surpassed the ticket sales of all local filmsthroughout 2005 (940,000). The top release of the yearso far was Aleksi ...

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    Artificial Eye enjoys box office returns with Hidden


    Hidden became the latestfilm to join the select few foreign language titles to pass £1m ($1.7m) in theUK at the weekend and became distributor Artificial Eye's first £1m hit since1994. Hidden (Cache) opened onJanuary 27 and crossed the mark after just five weekends in the territory. Thefilm, which won best ...

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    Game, set and match for Woody


    Director Woody Allen's Match Point has crossed $50minternationally. His biggest hit in 20 years, Match Point had earned $49.6m as of February 19, having addedanother $1.6m over the February 17-19 weekend, which saw Brazil ($377,000) and Turkey ($120,600) added to the film's international rollout. Having travelled Europe, the drama ...

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    Eva Green is cast as Bond girl Vesper Lynd


    One day on from theannouncement that Mads Mikkelsenhad been cast as the next James Bond villain two more high profile additionshave been made, including the elusive information of who would play Bond girlVesper Lynd opposite new James Bond, Daniel Craig. French actress Eva Green hasbeen cast as Casino Royale'sleading love ...

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    International weekend preview


    The major European territoriessee audiences spoilt for choice this week with a variety of new openers,although last week's international chart leader, French smash Les Bronzes 3:Amis Pour La Vie, may prove hard to shiftfrom the throne.In the UK the weekend heralds the arrival of schoolhalf-term holidays and as a result ...

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    Netherlands' box-office takings fall by 12.7%


    The Netherlands may haveseen year-on-year box office fall in line with much of Europe but local titlessaw an admissions gain. The territory as a wholewitnessed box office fall 12.7% from $187.1m (Euro 154.1m) in 20004 to $163.4m(Euro 134.5m) in 2005. Admissions slipped 11.2% from 23 million to 20.5million. The year ...

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    Exhibitor Kinepolis Group's ticket sales fell 8% in 2005


    Pan-Europeanexhibitor Kinepolis Group's ticket sales fell 8% in2005 according to latest figures released by the company. Kinepolisticket sales finished at 22.6 million compared to 24.5 million in 2004. Astrong end of year run came as a great boost but was not enough to counter the12% dip recorded at the end ...

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    Big success for three openers at the UK box office


    The first week of 2006 atthe UK box office spelled good news, while the battle for the lead continuedunabated three openers impressed in a deluge of records. Momentum Pictures saw itsbiggest opening of all time with comedy JustFriends. The Ryan Reynolds title grossed $3.1m (£1.75m) including previews- $2.7m (£1.55m) without. ...

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    Italy's box office takings down by 8.1%


    End of year figures fromItalian film data trackers Cinetel - which tracks 75%of the market - show Italy with an 8%-9% year-on-year deficit. Total admissionsresults from Cinetel come in at 88.1 million, 8.7%down from 2004's 96.5 million. Box office was slightly better 8.1% down from2004's $671.7m (569.4m Euros) with $617.2m ...

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    German box office dropped 16% in 2005


    The final 2005 box-office figures for Germany reveal a 16% year-on-year drop.A report released by Nielsen EDI shows box-office figures for the official 2005 period (January 6, 2005 to January 4, 2006) finished at $845.1m (Euro 716.4m).The territory's decline was in line with much of Europe with year-on-year shortfalls seen ...

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    Poland's box office admissions down by 30%


    In what is likely to be oneof the biggest year-on-year deficits in Europe latest Polish figures for 2005show box office down 28.7% and admissions down 30% last year. The figures from localmarket tracker ES Media show the territory suffered a massive 50% admissionsdrop in the first quarter due to the ...

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    Switzerland's box office attendance down by 14%


    One of the earliest Europeanterritories to report end-of-year figures, Switzerland's 14% year-on-year drop and market dominance by UIPappear likely indicators of trends to be seen across the major mainlandterritories in the next few days. While year-on-year businessmay be in line with much of Europe the real interest in Switzerland comes ...

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    UK box-office figures for 2005 are up by 1%


    It started well and so itfinished. Final box office figures for the UK/Ireland market reported today bystatistics trackers Nielsen EDI showed the territory had managed the seeminglyimpossible - it improved on 2004's record box office by 1%. The Nielsen EDI results forthe official box office year - measured from January ...

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    Kong still strong at the international box office


    It may have seen The Chronicles Of Narniastealing its thunder but UIP's King Kong was stillroaring loud internationally over the New Year weekend. With an estimated three-daygross (December 30-January 1) of $29m off 6,713 locations in 49 territories thegreat ape saw only a 19% week-on-week drop off. Its cumulative grossinternationally ...

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    Narnia chronicles New Year international box-office glory


    The lion was still roaring as the new year got underway withBuena Vista International's (BVI) The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, TheWitch And The Wardrobe holding onto the international lead. With athree-day weekend of $41.5m and a four-day (including Monday which was aholiday in many territories) of $53.5m.This brings Narnia's ...