Seoul Metropolitan City Government has announced its first incentives for foreign film and television shoots to take place in the South Korean capital.

The government has allocated $532,000 for incentives out of a $745,000 fund meant to promote tourism through marketing the city of Seoul in visual media.

The city's locations support organisation, the Seoul Film Commission, will refund 25% of production expenditures accruedin the city, up to a maximum of $100,000 per project.

In addition, the city will provide support including flights and accommodations to production staff - directors, producers, cinematographers, location managers - to come scout locations in Seoul.

To apply, a project must be a minimum of 60 minutes in length, and shoot for at least a week in Seoul. In the case of international co-productions, a Korean producer may apply on behalf of the project. Feature films, documentaries and television programmes are eligible.

The city expects to see projects that will introduce Seoul and its culture to the world and make it more attractive in tourists.

Since the start of the Korean Wave, the country has been seeing an increase of foreign tourists arriving specifically to see various location sets, mainly where famous TV drama series such was Winter Sonata or Jewel In The Palace were shot.