UK training body Skillset has developed three new sets of National Occupational Standards for the film industry, covering physical special effects, armoury and post production.

This is the first time Occupational Standards have been created for any of these industries.

They were developed over the past year with industry leaders and experts in each area. The Standards offer statements about what is required in each job role as well as best practice.

Skillset’s chief executive, Dinah Caine, said: “These Standards will provide invaluable guidance as to the skills and qualifications necessary to ensure professionals in these fields are able to perform their roles safely and effectively. We know that these Standards will be of huge value as they have been developed in direct response to calls from within the industry, and in close consultation with the people who will be using them.”

Job maps were also created.

An animated video has been created to explain the new standards.

The information can be found here.