Sony Pictures Releasing Italia has signed a deal to add 13 titles acquired by independent company Mediafilm to its own line in 2009, with additional titles expected in 2010-2011.

The first Mediafilm title to come under the agreement is the mystery-thriller Franklyn starring Eva Green and Ryan Phillippe. Franklyn is now set for aApril 17release via Sony as a result of the agreement.

The agreement supports the trend for a more consistent spread of releases over the calendar year in Italy.

Historically, film releases in Italy were low or non existent in the months of July and August, causing tight and conflicting scheduling throughout the rest of the year.

That tradition was broken with Warner Bros. release of Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix in 2007. Since then both US and local distributors have looked to capitalise on the longer window.

Paulo Simoes - General Manager of Sony Pictures Italia said of the agreement, 'There were some very interesting films. From now on we will distribute an average of thirty films a year, which will allow us to have a stronger line-up all twelve months of the year and to optimize our distribution structure.'

Paolo Catalfamo, head of Mediafilm Cinema said, 'We are very pleased to be linked to a major like Sony. It gives us the possibility to maximize the potential of each of our films in a difficult market like the Italian one. In consequence, we can also be more competitive in our future acquisition of new films.'