Key changes to the Spanishfilm industry were announced this weekend at the Donostia-San SebastianInternational Film Festival (Sept 18-28).

Production, facilities andrights management giant MediaPro unveiled its acquisition of post-productioncompany Molinare and a majority stake in another, Mozart.

The new acquisitions givethe company a strong new foothold in the film, TV and advertisingpost-production sector in Spain, part of what MediaPro president Jaume Rourescalled a "long-term plan" for greater involvement in this area.

In other news, EduardoCampoy, president of the Spanish Producers' Federation (FAPAE), announced hewould prematurely step down from his position in October.

By bringing in areplacement, Campoy hopes to inject new blood into ongoing negotiations withthe government to raise the sector's Cinema Fund, pay off existing debts toproducers and enforce TV investment obligations in film.

Campoy said several memberorganizations were expected to back former Via Digital president Pedro Perez'snomination to the FAPAE post.

Campoy wants to see thatposition become a full-time one with a salary, providing the new president withgreater independence and acknowledging the work involved in leading theorganization.

Meanwhile, Madrid-basedcultural organization Casa de America announced it would increase its supportfor one of the incomplete Latin American projects chosen from the Films InProgress initiative by Euros 3,000 to Euros 9,000 this year. Last year, AnaKatz's The Chair Game (ElJuego De La Silla) won the Casa deAmerica prize.