Paul Raphael's London-based Starfield Productions is working on After The Summer Rain, a new drama that was partly shot in Lebanon during the war last year.

The project, which is already in post-production and will be vying for a slot in Cannes, is directed by Philippe Aractingi, whose Bosta was the high-grossing Lebanese film last year.

Aractingi was living in Beirut during the Israeli attacks on the city. He shot for two days at the height of the conflict. After travelling to Paris with his footage, French producer Magalon helped him secure finance to continue shooting from French company Capa. He was back in Lebanon with a crew and actors, ready to shoot within 24 hours of the ceasefire.

The film is about a Lebanese woman searching for her son, who goes missing during the war. She is a Shia Muslim. A Christian taxi driver drives her into the heart of the country as her quest for her child continues. Fictional scenes were shot on real-life locations. UN troops, journalists and refugees all co-operated with the filmmakers.

Raphael came on board with UK finance. UK broadcaster More4 is in advanced negotiations to take TV rights. Arte has picked up the film for France andArt has taken Middle Eastern rights.