After finishing Tarsem Singh’s Immortals earlier this year — he plays Ares, trouble-making son of Zeus — Daniel Sharman took some time off.

A professional actor since the age of 16 (he graduated from LAMDA in 2007), the 25-year-old from Hackney, London, wanted to see the real world before returning to the fantasy one. Now splitting his time between the UK and US, he is trying, he says, to “strike while the iron is hot”. One thing Sharman will not let go, however, is his hard-earned fitness. He was in Los Angeles last year when he met with the Immortals casting director and landed the role of Ares in a cast that includes new Superman Henry Cavill, former Star of Tomorrow Luke Evans and Twilight’s Kellan Lutz alongside Mickey Rourke. “I’m not the biggest person in the world so I was surprised [to get the part],” he admits. “I had three months to turn myself into a Greek god. Every day I turned up on set with these huge guys with rippling abs and suntans. It was definitely something different.”

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