In the few short months since Attack The Block screened at SXSW, things have changed for Peckham-born John Boyega.

“People are offering you scripts that you would never have had access to this time last year,” he says. As Moses, defender of the block from a gang of gorilla-like aliens in Joe Cornish’s debut feature, Boyega is movie star writ large. But how to follow it up? He has already shot the low-budget feature Junkhearts alongside Eddie Marsan and Romola Garai playing a “scared little nerd”. Only 19, he decided to become an actor when he was five — getting kicked out of a local theatre project for poor behaviour was only a temporary setback — and he quickly progressed to the Identity Drama School, landing an agent there. “We all have a love for something, and some people just go for it. That’s me,” he explains. “I feel at ease acting. It’s what I was meant to do.” He heads to Los Angeles for auditions shortly. “It all starts now,” he says.

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