Michael Fassbender is his Man On A Motorcycle.

A few years ago, everyone was very excited about making films on mobile phones: until they had to watch them. Man On A Motorcycle, made by musician-turned-film-maker John Maclean, is something different.

It helps that Michael Fassbender plays said ‘man’, a motorcycle courier who becomes increasingly frustrated with his day. But shot entirely on a mobile phone (Maclean will not say which one, mainly because the company refused to help him), Man On A Motorcycle is grainy of course, but it is also pure, with a soaring sound and a look that makes you want more. And you are going to get it. Maclean has graduated to 35mm (but not colour yet), with his new Film4 short, Pitch Black Heist, starring Fassbender again with Liam Cunningham (parts of it do take place in the pitch black). A founder member of the Beta Band and The Alien, Fife-born Maclean took his masters degree at London’s Royal College of Art, and admits that “my friends were making music, but I joined in because I was interested on a visual level. I made daft videos for the band, and I became more interested in that. Now it’s all I’m interested in.” Next up, he is developing an original feature with Film4, again to star Fassbender.

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