Having just finished Rocket To The Moon at London’s National Theatre, Sebastian Armesto is becoming increasingly visible.

He is following up with another National Theatre production, taking the lead role in A Woman Killed With Kindness over the summer. And after that, Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous will be released on October 28, with Armesto playing the role of Ben Jonson in what he calls an “Elizabethan succession thriller”. “It’s a big ensemble film,” says Armesto, “but the audience plunges down the rabbit hole with [my] character.” Armesto has also just been seen in a small part in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and will be starring in his friend (and fellow Star of Tomorrow) Stefan Georgiou’s UK indie comedy Dead Cat. He also writes (“more like copying what people have said,” he says modestly) and has just co-authored and co-directed the bleak Four Stages Of Cruelty (from a series of paintings by William Hogarth) at the Arcola Theatre in east London, to strong reviews. “I just like drama,” he says. “I have no preference as to where I work or in what media. I like drama and I go for ones that are challenging and interesting.”

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