Stealth Media Group has taken on The Blind Bastard Club, directed by Ash Baron Cohen [pictured].

The film, about a group of blind people living on the edge, starts shooting in February 2012 in Brazil. The cast will be announced soon.

Stealth has also taken on Suri Krishnamma’s Locked In, starring Ben Barnes and Eliza Dushku. Chris Balls’ Wreckin Hill Entertainment has taken all North American rights and Seven Sept taken for France and Falcon for the Middle East. The film, about love and redemption, is in the final stages of post.

Also, Stealth is screening (on Nov 3 and Nov 4) the first 20 minutes of Nazis-in-space film Iron Sky here at the AFM. That film has already been sold to Australia/New Zealand (Hoyts), UK (Revolver), Germany & Benelux (Splendid), FYROM (Discover), Taiwan (Sky), China (E StarS), Czech and Slovak Republics (Filmpark), Thailand (Media Film), Romania (Programs4Media), and Scandinavia (Buena Vista).  Leo Edde (Elite Squad 2) produces.