The Hillside Strangler, the horror-thriller collaboration between HamishMcAlpine's UK-based Tartan Film and actor Alexa Jago and property tycoonJohn Stienfield's Los Angeles-based New Horizon Pictures, is due to wrap in LosAngeles on Aug 17.

C Thomas Howell (TheHitcher, Gods & Generals) andNicholas Turturro (NYPD Blue)star in the true-life story of Kenneth Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Buono, whowere accused of kidnapping and killing women in the 1970s.

Jago and Stienfield set upNew Horizon earlier this year and were keen to partner with McAlpine, who castJago in 2002's dramatic thriller Ted Bundy.

"For our first projectwe chose to co-produce with Hamish, as we felt he had a winning formula formaking interesting films financially viable and profitable," Jago said ina statement.

The Hillside Strangler is directed by Chris Fisher, written by ChuckParello and produced by McAlpine and Mike Muscal.

It is scheduled to screen atAFM in 2004. New Horizon has not announced any other films on its slate.