Digital distributor Film Armada has launched and the founders have announced it as the official streaming partner of the 17th Annual Nantucket Film Festival.

The site launches with 19 films, five of which screen at the festival. Three films will join the Film Armada line-up every day and each title will play for six months.

Filmmakers whose work is profiled on Film Armada receive global exposure and benefit from advertising revenue and ticket sales derived from their content.

They also get the chance to win $5,000 plus a percentage of the overall advertising revenue if selected the Viewer’s Choice Award winner. 

“We wanted to create an environment that serves the needs of both filmmakers and film fans and learned that visible and active curation is the key to both,” Film Armada co-founder Christina Villa said.

“There are so many elements of this site that were thoughtfully put together with one purpose in mind – to build a trusted film community, a platform that gives filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work on a global scale and earn a direct profit from their work,” co-founder Alla Bronskaya added.

“We are thrilled that Film Armada chose us to be their launching pad for this amazing endeavor,” Nantucket Film Festival executive director Colin Stanfield said. “It was clear from the moment Christina and Alla approached us that this is a company that supports filmmakers in a new and creative way.”

For further details visit the official website.