China is set to import thriller Knowing into cinemas on the mainland on a revenue-sharing basis. 

This release will be one of the few cases where a non-Hollywood studio film can be imported on such a scheme. The deal has been negotiated by the film’s international distributor Summit and China-US-based media company DMG partners.

State-owned China Film Group Corporation is the only company in China to import foreign films to the mainland market. According to Chinese regulations, CFG annually imports 20 foreign films, traditionally Hollywood films, on a revenue-sharing basis,and another 20 films, usually independent films from Europe, Asia and the US, asflat-fee deals. Previously, the Transporter series and Slumdog Millionaire, which were on revenue sharing deals, have been the only exceptions.

Summit’s previous releases such as Babel, Bridge to Terabithia and Step Up were imported to China on flat-fee deals.

Knowing, which stars Nicholas Cage, will be released in the autumn on more than 1000 screens in Chinese cinemas.

DMG’s media businesses in China include production, advertisement, PR, and film investment. The company is one of the investors of Ning Hao’s 2009 road movie WuRen Qu.