Robert Green, Margaret Brown, Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq have been selected as fellows for Sundance Institute’s new ‘Art Of Nonfiction’ initiative.

Sundance Institute

The Fellowship is an addition to the Documentary Film Program (DFP) providing filmmakers resources to build sustainable creative practices for their documentary work.

Director of Sundance Institute’s DFP Tabitha Jackson developed the Fellowship and Cinereach provides editorial and financial support for the launch. Applications were accepted by invitation only.

Robert Greene’s Kate Plays Christine is about to receive its world premiere at Sundance. The other recipients are Margaret Brown for The Order Of Myths and Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq for These Birds Walk.

“This initiative represents our renewed thinking about how we, as a funder and creative resource, can experiment with our programmes to better serve the needs of filmmakers who are experimenting with their own work,” said Jackson.

“We hope this more robust infrastructure of support will bring the community together as we look to advance the understanding and practice of nonfiction film.”