Takeshi Harada has been appointed managing director of Geneon Universal Entertainment (GUE) in Japan, assuming control from interim managing director Taichi Fukuda.

Harada will lead the ongoing growth of GUE as it seeks to consolidate its position in the DVD marketwith particular emphasis on local content expansion and new ventures.

GUE is the second largest international operating company in the Universal Pictures International Entertainment (UPIE) family. UPIE owns an 80.1% stake and Dentsu retains a 19.1% interest.

Until recently Harada ran his own media consulting company in Japan and previously served as managing director of Warner Home Video for five years in Japan. Prior to this he was president of the games division at Pacific Century Cyber Works Japan and CEO of Capcom USA.

Fukuda had served as interim managing director since the acquisition of Geneon Entertainment was announced last October and becomes chairman and officer of the board of the company.

As managing director and Japan representative of NBC Universal Japan he will concentrate on the further expansion of NBC Universal’s businesses in Japan.