Quentin Tarantino has completed his scenes in Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western: Django.

The rest of the film had already been completed, with scenes between Tarantino and actress Kaori Momoi remaining to be shot until 7am yesterday (June 11).

At a press conference attended by 600 members of the media yesterday evening, seven minutes of footage from the film was shown with the entire cast on hand to answer questions and speak about the difficulties of shooting the entire film in English.

'I'm good at English!' joked Tarantino. Commenting on filming, Tarantino explained: 'Just as my film sets aren't your typical Hollywood set, Miike's aren't your typical Japanese film set.'

Though referencing the Genji-Heike clan wars from Japanese history, Sukiyaki Western: Django is being billed as Japan 's first true western. The title pays homage to the spaghetti western (or 'macaroni western' as they're referred to in Japan) character Franco Nero made famous in the 1960s.

The film stars Hideaki Ito (the Umizaru films), Koichi Sato (Suite Dreams), Kaori Momoi (Love And Honor, Memoirs Of A Geisha), Yusuke Iseya (Tekkon Kinkreet, Casshern) and Masanobu Ando (Nightmare Detective, Big Bang Love)

Shot in Yamagata Prefecture, the $6.5m (Y800m) production is the prolific helmer's most expensive to date. The production consortium includes Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan (SPEJ), Sedic International, Geneon Entertainment, Dentsu, TV Asahi and Shogakukan.

SPEJ releases Sukiyaki Western: Django this September through Shochiku cinemas. Japan 's Broadmedia releases Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez' Grindhouse in early fall.