It will launch in October with the release of Yoon Hong-seung’s Korean horror Death Bell.

Terracotta Distribution is adding a new imprint to its specialist Asian film label - Terror-cotta.

The first film to come out of the offshoot, which will focus on horror and thriller genre titles, will be Yoon Hong-seung’s Korean horror Death Bell, about a group of students and teachers who are locked in a high school and forced to play a series of deadly quizzes and tasks. It is being released in October to coincide with Halloween.

Further titles will follow in the coming months including two further unannounced serial killer films.

Label founder Joey Leung said: “Terracotta Distribution have always bought quality and entertaining Far East Cinema to the UK and we can keep adding fresh offerings to audiences with this new imprint.”

Existing horror related titles such as Hansel & Gretel will remain on the main Terracotta Distribution label.