German production company Teamworx's Nico Hofmann, Ariane Krampe, and Bettina Reitz, the team behind "event television" productions The Tunnel and Tanz Mit Dem Teufel - Die Entfuehrung Des Richard Oetker, have been awarded this year's Producers' Prize at the Cologne Conference.

Picked up in January at the Rotterdam Film Festival for a US theatrical release by Roxie Releasing, the originally made-for-TV Tunnel was subsequently sold by Beta Cinema, in an edited theatrical version, to 26 territories including France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, French-speaking Canada and Japan

In addition, the Euros 5,000 Phoenix Prize for the best non-fiction programme at the Cologne Conference went to Swiss documentary filmmaker Christian Frei's War Photographer; and the Euros 5,000 TV Spielfilm Award to Birger Larssen's mini-series The Fifth Woman. The 2002 Casting Award was presented to casting agent Simone Baer, while the Author's Award was picked up by Norbert Eberlein.