The sixth Tokyo Project Gathering (TPG) has selected an increased 28 projects this year.

The sixth Tokyo Project Gathering (TPG) has announce its line-up to include Seagull Day from previous Venice director Ryuichi Hiroki (Vibrator) and Asian Beauty from Korean comedy director Jang Jin.

Due to a large number of interesting projects submitted this year, TPG has increased its selections from last year’s 25 to 28.

These also include a new drama-comedy from award-winning young director Yuya Ishii: Hara Ga Kore Nande (working title). Writer/director/actor Sakichi Sato (Ichi the Killer) will present a provocative one-take drama The War. Internationally-acclaimed Thai director Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Nymph, Ploy) will present his new drama Headshot, and Malaysian director Woo Ming Jin, whose The Tiger Factory was in Cannes this year, teams again with producer Edmund Yeo to present The Book Keeper. Writer/director Max Mannix, the original screenwriter of Cannes entry Tokyo Sonata, returning with Yellow Earth, which tells the tragic WWII story of Japanese prisoners in Australia’s Cowra POW Camp.

TPG’s filmmakers come from around the world, including Brazilian director Karim Ainouz (Love for Sale), who has a Brazil-France co-production about the Japanese underworld. Latvian director Maris Martinsons, whose Loss won Best Director in Shanghai 2008 and was the Lithuanian entry for the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language category, will present Tempura — working again with Memoirs Of A Geisha actress Kaori Momoi.

The international co-production market organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and UniJapan will be held at the Roppongi Mori Tower Oct 25–28 this year, during the Tokyo International Film Festival.

TPG2010 Official Projects

Title (Country) Producer (Director)

Asian Beauty (working title)  (Japan/South Korea/China) Sean SHIN (Jang JIN)

The Big Blue Lake (Hong Kong) Teresa KWONG (TSANG Tsui Shan)

The Book Keeper (Malaysia/Japan) Edmund YEO (WOO Ming Jin)

Camera (Singapore) Silvia WONG (James LEONG)

Dance of The Executioner  (Vietnam/ France/ Canada) Julien FAVRE (Nguyen-Vo MINH)

Dessert Queen (Thailand) Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM (Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM)

The Dog Wanted (Taiwan) Bing CHU/Gavin LIN (Gavin LIN)

Favela High Tech (Brazil/France) Fabino GULLANE/Caio GULLANE/ Didar DOMEHRI/Laurent BAUDENS (Karim AINOUZ)

Hara Ga Kore Nande (working title) (Japan) Shoko SONE/Hiroshi OTARU (Yuya ISHII)

Haunted Obsession (working title) (South Korea) Eugene LEE/Jisun BACK (Dong-Seok NOH)

Headshot (Thailand) Pawas SAWATCHAIYAMET (Pen-ek RATANARUANG)

The Host 2 (South Korea) Yong-Bae CHOI (Myong-Chun PARK)

Kingdom of Desire (China) Lola (Xiao JIANG)

Monk on Fire (Vietnam) Casey SILVER (Dustin TRI NGUYEN)

New Hello (working title) (Japan) Yutaka TSUCHIYA (Yutaka TSUCHIYA)

Next Intelligence (Japan) Hiroshi KON (Hideki ITO)

On Your Journey (South Korea) Jae-Cheol LIM/ Young-Nam KIM/Jin-Sun YOON (Young-Nam KIM)

Pinky Time (Taiwan) Wei CHEN (Sean CHEN)

Seagull Day (Japan) Yasushi UTAGAWA (Ryuichi HIROKI)

Tempura (Latvia) Linda KRUKLE (Maris MARTINSONS)

Trans Sumatra (Indonesia) Constantin PAPADIMITRIOU (Nia DINATA)

Unstoppable Movements of Naked Monkeys (US) Tomoya SUZUKI (TBD)

Untitled Nae Yuki Project About Secret Marriage (working title) (US/Japan) Dave BOYLE (Dave BOYLE)

Vancouver Asahi (Japan/Canada) Masashi IGARASHI (TBD)

The War (Japan) Sakichi SATO (Sakichi SATO)

The Woman Barber (South Korea) Myoung-Hong SEOK (Chung-Guk KIM)

Yellow Earth (Australia) Max MANNIX (Max MANNIX)

Zombie My Zombie (Japan) Hidehiro ITO (Norman ENGLAND)