Organisers at the 12th annual Tribeca Film Festival announced on Tuesday [16] the new $25,000 Nora Ephron Prize.

The award, supported by, will recognise “a woman writer or director with a distinctive voice who embodies the spirit and vision of the legendary film-maker and writer.”

The inaugural Prize will be presented at the annual Women’s Filmmaker Brunch at TFF on Apr 25 by TFF co-founder nJane Rosenthal and creative digital director Sally Singer.

The Nora, as TFF top brass referred to it in a press release, will be awarded annually to a woman film-maker with a film making its North American, international or world premiere at the festival. Ephron, whose directing credits included Sleepless In Seattle and Julie & Julia, died in June 2012 from complications stemming from cancer.

The inaugural eight eligible film-makers are: Laurie Collyer, Sunlight Jr; Steph Green, Run And Jump; Jenee LaMarque, The Pretty One; Meera Menon, Farah Goes Bang; Mo Ogrodnik, Deep Powder; Marina de Van, Dark Touch; Jane Weinstock, The Moment; and Enid Zentelis, Bottled Up.

“Nora Ephron’s work influenced screenwriters, film-makers and movie goers,” said Rosenthal. “She was a great friend to the festival since its inception, and I had the privilege to know her and be in absolute awe of her.

“She did it all brilliantly, with wit and wisdom that went straight to the heart. Plus she cooked too. I am proud to honour her memory and continue her legacy with this award that I hope will inspire a new generation of women film-makers and writers.”

TFF is set to run in New York from Apr 17-28.