Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Tsui Hark’s 3D remake of his own 1992 martial arts classic Dragon Inn has commenced shooting today in Beijing.

The $35m film is financed by Bona International Film Group, China Film Group, Shanghai Media Group (SMG), Beijing Shinshow Co Ltd and Beijing Liangzi Group. Distribution Workshop is handling international sales of the film.

Jet Li will reunite with Tsui Hark 14 years after their collaboration in the Wong Fei Hung series in 1996 and star in the 3D martial arts drama. Also starring are Zhou Xun, Chen Kun and Gui Lunmei.

According to Tsui Hark, the story of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate will be different from the 1992 film. The new film will be about a group of martial arts fighters returned to the dragon gate for various reason, some hope to see their previous love, others seeking duels with their old enemies.

The film will be the first Chinese film to be shot entirely in 3D with Red cameras. Avatar visual effects stereography director Chuck Comisky will be stereography consultant. Cinematography will be handled by Choi Sung-fai from Hong Kong.

Hee Chung-man will serve as production designer and Yuen Bun, who was the action director of 1992’s Dragon Inn, will again take charge as action director for the new 3D film.

China now offers more than 1,000 3D screens and the number is expected to reach 2,000 in early 2011.