The UK Film Council is to make its first ever investment in a Spanish language film as part of a bid to extend ties with mainland European partners.

Spanish comedy Only Human will receive £298,723 in UK lottery investment.

The Meet The Family-style comedy to be directed by Teresa De Pelegri and Dominic Harari, is being produced by Gerardo Herrero and Mariela Besuievsky of Tornasol and by Patrick Cassaveti and Adrian Sturges of Greenpoint Films.

The film stars Norma Aleandro (The Son Of The Bride), Guillermo Toledo (The Other Side Of The Bed) and Marian Aguilera (Honolulu Baby.)

Robert Jones of The UK Film Council said: "We are continuously looking at ways of helping UK companies forge stronger business and creative partnerships with mainland European counterparts - in this case, Greenpoint Films and Tornasol, one of Spain's leading production companies."

When it launched in 2000, The Film Council pledged that it would invest 20% across all its funds in European co-production and development, a promise it has long struggled to keep.

Frustrated at the lack of applications they were receiving from Spain and Italy in particular, Film Council representatives gave "roadshow" presentations in both countries last year.

Jose Maria Otero, Director-General of the Institute of Cinema and Audio-Visual (ICAA) in Spain told Screen International that the meetings helped pave the way for the Film Council's investment in Only Human. "Now, the collaboration (between Spain and the UK) will increase as producers get to know each other better."