Regional journalists will vote on a new series of awards, The UK Regional Critics' Film Awards, which will launch at Cinema Days, a distributors preview trade event for regional media held Jan 25-28.

Regional journalists including critics, writers and editors (staff or freelance) will be allowed to vote for their film of the year, film-maker of the year, performance of the year (actor and actress) and newcomer of the year.

Voting will run online at from Jan 12 to Jan 30 and results will be announced in early February 2007.

Peter Scott, co-ordinator of Cinema Days, said: 'We are proud to be associated with these awards and look forward to receiving the votes from the UK regional film journalists. We would urge any member of the regional press to sign up online and get voting.'

Mark Batey, chief executive of the Film Distributors' Association, added: 'The UK is one of the most valuable theatrical markets in the world and three-quarters of UK admissions take place outside London. The industry appreciates the importance of regional media and we await with keen interest the results of their first film awards.'

Cinema Days was established in 1988 and now held three times a year at a regional multiplex.