Vertigo (the UK outfit behind Football Factory and Outlaw) is to partner with Cage Rage Championships to co-produce the new movie, Cage Rage, likely to have a budget of around $9 million. It is envisaged that this may be the start of a Rocky-like franchise.

Brock Norman Brock is writing the screenplay, the central theme of which is a combat sport now globally established as the most popular of all the fighting arts

The film is fully financed and will be produced by Allan Niblo and
Rupert Preston of Vertigo Films and Sam Tromans and Nicola Fletcher on behalf of Cage Rage Championships. Nick Love of Vertigo Films and Sam Tromans will be executive producers. Vertigo Films will distribute the film in the UK.

'The film is going to directly target our core audience, which is young males. The combination of our fan base and the Cage Rage fan base should make for a mini-event movie,' said Niblo.

The film is due to shoot in the autumn. A director will be appointed shortly.

Cage Rage bouts are now being staged regularly in the UK and are broadcast on TV. Cage Rage will be the first full length feature film dedicated to the sport.