Screen asks film festival regulars.

“I go to Monoprix on the first day and meet all the industry people with their caddies full of bottles — like mine! It’s the best way to first see people. Once you’ve queued in a Monoprix with someone, you can’t pretend to ignore them on Montée des Marches later on.”

Sylvain Auzou, deputy director, Venice Days

“On the days that my films premiere, I put on my right sock first. It’s like Zinedine Zidane before a football match. I wish I could drink chicken blood because I heard it brings luck — but it looks disgusting!”

Pape Boye, managing director, Versatile Films

“On our first day, we will take a long, leisurely lunch at the beach. We have been doing that since time immemorial — it helps us prepare for the hectic frenzy to come.”

Fred Tsui, general manager, head of sales & international co-productions, Media Asia Film

“I book into Al Charq, the Lebanese restaurant. It was the first place I went to in my first year at Cannes 18 years ago. It struck me as odd in Cannes, where all the other restaurants seemed to be Italian. I’ve since become good friends with the owners, who try to get me drunk if I see them in La Chunga — another of my rituals.”

Harrison Kordestani, president, Main Street Films

“Listening to punk music gets me from the Martinez to the Majestic in five minutes — I have to get all medieval and go back to my youth when it comes to manoeuvring the Croisette. Circle Jerks, Fear, Minor Threat, Angry Samoans — music that gets me there faster.”

Wendy Rutland, president of film and TV investment, Da Vinci Media Ventures

“Over the past few years, Cannes has welcomed me with torrential rain. Hence, my first order of business is to put on my galoshes and to identify the most determined Senegalese umbrella sales guy. I allocate 15 minutes to negotiate, exchange arguments, re-negotiate. Once I have managed the umbrella acquisition with success and dignity, and am able to sell my new Senegalese friend on the concept of win-win, I truly feel ready to take on any film sales company on the Croisette.”

Al Munteanu, CEO, SquareOne Entertainment